AGJ Game Development Courses

Starting in February we’ll offer new game development evening courses! During the spring semester 2014 you can participate in 3 different courses (4-6 weeks each):

- Game Design – challenge yourself in ’thinking games’ in this series of creative game design workshops
- Game Development – learn the basics of making games in Unity
- Game Project - team up and create your own game with the support from our coaches

During the evening courses the students will also get to visit some of Malmö’s awesome game studios and take part of interesting guest lectures by people from the industry!

The courses will take place in Malmö, at Malmö University and at Media Evolution City. Each session is 3 hours and will mainly be held one evening a week.

APPLY NOW for the AGJ Game Development Course Part 2!
The course is free of charge, and we have a limited number of spots so make sure to register now if you don't want to miss out on this great opportunity.

Evening Course part 1 - Game Design (Feb 11- March 4)

Part 1 contained among other things introduction to Game Design, a Game Analysis Workshop and a visit at Tarsier Studios.

Evening Course part 2 - Game Development (March 11 - April 8)

Schedule: Evening Course part 3 - Game Project (April 16 - May 8)

Place: Malmö Högskola, K3 (Kranen) Östra Varvsgatan 11A. Time: Wednesdays 18.00 – 20.00
Game Project
During the course you will form groups and work together on a small game projects, but you and your group decide how you will work outside these meetings. In the meetings we will discuss your projects and offer advice and help using these meetings as milestones for your project which should result in a playable demo of your game.

This is a great opportunity to develop a real demo of your game and a good exercise before the Jam!